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Materials Science

Developing robust materials for advanced reactors and helping sustain the existing fleet

Materials Science

PNNL designed and built seven multi-specimen SCC initiation test measurement systems with active loading and in-situ measurement of initiation.

Our materials scientists are improving our understanding of the mechanisms by which materials degrade, thereby helping ensure that the life of our existing fleet can be safely extended. This research also leads to advanced alloys and materials for use in the harsh environment of the next generation of reactors.

For example, we have the world's leading researchers in the science of stress corrosion crack (SCC) initiation and growth. Our SCC test facilities are used by federal, commercial, and international sponsors.

Our team

  • Tests and models materials degradation
  • Evaluates corrosion susceptibility
  • Evaluates cable aging
  • Develops radiation tolerant materials
  • Performs forensic analysis of failed components
  • Evaluates the performance of waste forms

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