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Public News Service reports on yarn--the next great environmental cleanup tool, highlighting the LCW Supercritical Technologies-PNNL collaboration on extracting uranium from seawater. 9.11.18 

The Sequim Gazette reports on that city's lab that helped link yarn and seawater to expand energy options. This work is part of a collaboration between PNNL and LCW Supercritical Technologies. 9.6.18  

The Idaho Statesman reports on how we can get uranium from seawater, and discusses LCW Supercritical Technologies role in the collaboration with PNNL. 9.2.18 

Chemical Communications Blog reports on a collaboration between PNNL and the Colorado School of Mines that demonstrated an effective method to recover Xenon from Xe/air mixtures. 8.21.18 

Process Technology describes how PNNL and LCW Supercritical Technologies extracted the first grams of uranium from sea water. 8.7.18 

Techwarf reports on an effort by Sandia National Labs to send a nuclear waste container on a 14,500 mile trip by truck, barge, ship, and train to determine how radioactive fuel would stand up to travel.  PNNL played an analytical role. 8.3.18 

Machine Design describes how PNNL and partner LCW Supercritical Technologies extracted uranium from seawater. 7.30.18 

Materials Today reports on a multinational effort, including PNNL, to put together a state-of-the-art report on the fundamental mechanisms of gaseous fission product release. 7.26.18 

Nuclear Energy Insider highlights the $20 million in funding DOE is providing to SMR and advanced reactor projects, including a project involving PNNL and Flibe Energy. 7.18.18 

Nuclear Engineering International describes the nine projects DOE has selected to receive $20 million in funding for advanced nuclear technologies, including a partnership between PNNL and Flibe Energy.7.17.18 

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