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Post-Irradiation Examination

Our Category 2 Nuclear Facility supports a wide range of radiological work, including post-irradiation examination (PIE) of nuclear fuel and mechanical testing of irradiated alloys

Post-Irradiation Examination

The Radiochemical Processing Laboratory provides unique capabilities for conducting bench-scale to pilot-scale work with wide varieties and forms of radioactive materials.

Our researchers host a wide range of capabilities and experience for PIE of nuclear fuels and activated materials. This work is vital across the nuclear fuel cycle, from the testing of advanced alloys for Generation IV reactors to assessing the robustness of high burnup spent nuclear fuel.

Work is done in a variety of environments, including hot cells, gloveboxes, fume hoods, and bench top settings. We have the capability to receive materials in shipping containers as large as spent fuel casks or as small as radioisotope vials.

Our testing capabilities include

  • Rod puncture and gas analysis
  • Physical, mechanical and thermal properties testing
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Surface science
  • Microstructural characterization including optical and electron microscopy, XRD, AFM and APT.

For more information, visit the Radiochemical Processing Laboratory website.

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