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Nuclear Energy

Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation

Understanding the science and technology as well as developing the logistics for the safe transportation, storage, and disposal of spent nuclear fuel

Uranium from Seawater

With our long heritage in the science and technology of spent nuclear fuel (SNF), we support the DOE's Integrated Waste Management Program and Spent Fuel and Waste Science and Technology Program.

Our activities have included

  • Led a study for DOE of technical gaps for SNF storage and transportation
  • Leading the development of NDE methods for SNF storage systems
  • Thermal/mechanical cask modeling/testing
  • Post-irradiation examination of SNF in our Category 2 nuclear facility
  • Radiolysis and hydride modeling
  • Led analysis of logistics of SNF removal from shutdown sites
  • Developed and implemented tools for DOE's public outreach program for SNF storage and disposal

Nuclear Energy

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